SMART Systems - Finance End of Year Cleanup (Jeff Yeager)

  1.  Prior fiscal year Accounting Calendar periods have been closed.
  2. Current fiscal year Adopted and Revised budgets are in the system.
  3. Current fiscal year Bank Reconciliations for July, August and September may need to consider the prior fiscal year year-end cash adjustments that may have been added since the June reconciliation.
  4. Current fiscal year Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable (Deposit & Invoice) activity is generated as a journal entry to the general ledger.  (Close the Accounting Calendar periods for A/P and A/R at the end of the month &  Close the Accounting Calendar periods for G/L after reconciling the bank.)
  5. Current fiscal year SHR (payroll) files should be imported.
  6. 1099 vendors should be checked and prepared for IRS reporting.