Support Areas

Payroll Training


Target Audience: New and Newer Payroll/HR District Staff

Timeline: Fall 

Location: ARCC

SMART HR Budgeting

Target Audience:  Payroll/HR and Business Managers

Timeline: Summer (one on one trainings, schedule a date with Nikki)

Location ARCC

SMART Data for STAR Reporting (Not STAR training by MDE)

Target Audience: Payroll/HR Staff

Timeline: September or October

Location: ARCC

Payroll Calendar Year End Training

Target Audience: Payroll/HR Staff

Timeline: November

Location: ARCC

Payroll Fiscal Year End Training & Roundtable

Target Audience: Payroll/HR Staff

Timeline: April

Location: ARCC




ARCC VPN files for downloading:







Infinite Campus

Campus Messenger

Integrated Solution

The integration of Messenger and Infinite Campus gives users the power to access any data field to create and deliver communications such as:

  • Email report card messages to parents reducing the number of printed report cards mailed, saving printing, postage and labor costs
  • Notify parents immediately if their child is tardy or absent
  • Deliver notices such as school closings due to weather, policy changes and meeting announcements

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Messenger Overview -FILE MISSING
(PDF Format)