Smart Systems Terminal Services Download and Setup

SMART requires a remote desktop application. This is built into windows, but you will need to download and install one for Macs. For Windows users, download the connection file below, save it on your workstation, and open it to connect to SMART. Documentation for configuring the Microsoft remote desktop application for the Macintosh is also below. Printing software is now available for both Macs and Windows. The TSprint software for the MAC may need a custom driver installed to print certain forms properly.



Download the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop app (currently version 10.3.8 at

Configuring the Microsoft Remote Desktop for Macintosh (older version)

Configuring the Microsoft Remote Desktop for Macintosh (newer version)


If you need to connect to a printer with SMART and currently do not have an IP printer assigned to your SMART login, download the TSprint client at Choose the appropriate client version, download and install. You will see your default printer, a TSprint printer which will allow you to select any local printer, plus a pdf printer which you can use to save pdf files locally.



Download and install the appropriate Windows print client software (either 32 or 64 bit) below:

Then download and extract the SMART connection file: Windows RDP Connection File